Marko Zamurović

“People photography is not just a way of living, it is an endless quest. I enjoy to travel around the world discovering unknown places, meet the locals, explore and capture their almost forgotten customs and traditions, but I also love to record their daily life and routines.”
A reportage and fine art photographer, Marko’s images eloquently capture everyday life, and highlight intimate moments of relaxation, work and celebration.
Marko Zamurović was born in Belgrade, Serbia and studied Art Production at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in several international projects as a photographer, graphic designer, editor and producer. Marko has been signed up at several international photography events, and as a result his work has been included in prestigious photo monographs. His works are widely published in print and in online editions of many photography magazines. Marko currently lives and works in Belgrade as a freelance photographer in the fields of documentary, travel, macro and fine art photography.
Марко Замуровић рођен је 1985. године у Београду. Дипломирао је уметничку продукцију на Академији Лепих Уметности, на тему „Директор фотографије на играном филмуˮ. Учествовао је у реализацији бројних домаћих и међународних пројеката у улози фотографа, графичког дизајнера, техничког уредника као и продуцентa. Од 2012. године, на предлог Секције уметничке фотографије УЛУПУДС-а, стиче статус самосталног уметника.